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Forwarders Insurance

Coverage Options and Risk Management

Coverage Options and Risk Management

Covered Risks Under Freight Forwarder's Liability Insurance Policy

Freight Forwarder-Caused Damage or Loss

This includes situations where the freight forwarder's actions or negligence result in physical damage to third-party property or financial losses. It covers costs arising from accidents, mishandling of goods, or operational failures.

Forwarder Error: Customer Loss/Damage

This pertains to compensation for customers whose cargo is damaged or lost due to the freight forwarder’s mistakes or oversights. It ensures that clients are reimbursed or compensated for any loss or damage of their goods.

Expenses to Mitigate Damage:

In cases where immediate action can reduce the extent of damage or loss, this coverage helps to fund those necessary measures. This can include costs for emergency repairs, temporary storage, or re-routing of cargo.

Expenses to Complete the Shipment

If additional resources are required to complete the delivery of cargo due to unforeseen events or accidents, these costs are covered. This might include alternative transportation arrangements or additional handling and storage fees.


Coverage for fines or penalties that the freight forwarder might incur due to non-compliance with regulations or contractual breaches during the shipping process.

Survey Expenses

Costs associated with the assessment and evaluation of damages, typically involving professional surveyors or inspectors to ascertain the extent of loss or damage.

This single coverage encapsulates several crucial aspects crucial for freight forwarders. Firstly, it includes protection against financial liabilities from customs issues, such as fines and duties due to incorrect documentation, cargo misdeclaration, or unpaid taxes. Secondly, it encompasses liabilities towards third parties, covering legal expenses, mitigation costs, and debris removal in case of accidents or operational failures. Lastly, it addresses the costs associated with uncollected cargo at the destination, including storage, disposal, or auction expenses. This comprehensive coverage is essential for maintaining the financial stability and trustworthiness of freight forwarders and forms a core component of risk management in the logistics and transportation industry.

Comprehensive Protection for Various Liabilities:

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