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H+H Hull Machinery Insurance

Hull Insurance: Comprehensive Coverage for Maritime Vessel Damages and Liabilities

Hull Insurance: Comprehensive Coverage for Maritime Vessel Damages and Liabilities

Protection Against Perils and Collision-Related Liabilities for Ship Owners.

Comprehensive Hull Insurance

Hull insurance affords protection to owners of all types of ships for loss or damage to their waterborne property. Typical perils insured against are stranding, sinking, fire, and collision. The hull policy offers an unusual coverage under its collision clause, which provides liability insurance for loss or damage to the other vessel involved in a collision, as well as to its cargo.

Horizon Marine: Hull Insurance Expertise

Because of the specialist nature of hull insurance, underwriting, claims management and settling ability are all retained wholly within Horizon’s Marine Division. Our dedicated team of highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals understands the marine industry and the way vessels are operated both locally and internationally. We pride ourselves on providing extremely high standards of service to both advisors and clients, and we are committed to providing innovative and tailored responses to the requirements of the vessel operator.

Benefits of 2K Hull Insurance

At Horizon Marine our interests are the same as yours – making your business run better by identifying risk exposures and implementing sound risk management and loss control techniques that will enhance your profitability. By successfully employing risk management techniques you can reduce risk exposures and you can also reduce the premiums that you pay for your insurance.


The Hull policy can provide you with comprehensive coverage offering tailor made solutions for the most diverse insurance needs. Basic cover includes:​

  • Coverage for vessels against the traditional “perils of the sea”

  • Coverage for the machinery aboard the vessel

  • Coverage for the risks of War, Strikes, Riots and Civil Commotions

  •  Reimbursement of the expenses you incurred in mitigating a loss under the policy

  • Cover for the expenses of salvage and if the worst happens the expenses of removal of wreck

Coverage Extensions & Add-Ons

Contingent cover for the expenses associated with operating a vessel involved in a loss such as locating a replacement vessel, loss of freight receipts, crew disbursements, repurchase expenses:

  • Breach of Warranty coverage for third party financial interests

  • Coverage for loss of charter hire income and loss of profits

  • Total loss only coverage to minimize costs

  • Cover for the interests of builders and owners while vessels are in the course of construction

  • Extended coverage for blue water operations in international waters

Risk Management Service

Our extensive knowledge of the risks associated with the operation of vessels of all types, enables us to assist in the provision of a unique range of risk management and loss control solutions to you the policyholder. We can tailor a loss control program for your fleet to include:​​

  • Ÿ Pre-purchase condition and valuation surveys

  • Ÿ Machinery maintenance scheduling

  • Ÿ Weather routing services for blue water voyages

  • Ÿ Charter party contract review

  • Ÿ Prompt and efficient damage surveys and reporting from       anywhere in the world

  • Ÿ Specialist Nature of Hull Insurance

At 2KSC, our seasoned Marine claims team is not only deeply familiar with the unique needs of your business but is also dedicated to actively and efficiently managing your claims. This proactive approach often involves exploring alternative solutions to ensure the most effective resolution. Our team collaborates closely with both you and your advisor, focusing on the prompt and effective settlement of your claims.

You can confidently rely on the exceptional service standards that are a hallmark of dealing with 2KSC. Our commitment is not just to meet your expectations but to exceed them, ensuring that every interaction and solution we provide aligns seamlessly with the specific requirements of your maritime operations. This dedication to excellence in service and problem-solving is what sets our Marine claims team apart, making 2KSC a trusted partner in managing and protecting the vital aspects of your maritime business.

Claims Services

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