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Project No: Modified



More Details

Type of vessel: 

Sea-river going single deck twinscrew dry cargo motor vessel with double sides and  double  bottom,   

Designed for: 

carrying general cargoes,  construction  material, coal, timber, bulk, grain cargoes and containers in the holds only.

Service Range:

The Baltic Sea, the Black Sea, the White Sea, the   North   Sea,   the   Sea   of Marmara, the Aegean Sea, the Caspian   Sea,   the   Mediter­ ranean  Sea,  the  Sea  of  Azov and inland waters of CIS. 

Vessel Type:                                                 Volzhkiy type


Grt/Nrt                                                          5,5216 / 1194 tns.

Deadweight:                                                6,125 tns.

DWCC:                                                          3245 / 3850tns.

Cubic Capacity (CBM):                               5341 cbm.      

Cubic Capacity (CBFT):                               352,000 cbft.

Draft:                                                                4,10 m.

Lenght (LOA):                                              139,00 m.

Breadth moulded:                                        16,70 m.

Depth to main deck.                                       8,30 m.

Air draft in load:                                        12,80 / 12,45 m.

Air draft in balast:                                                  13,20 m. 

Hold Dimensions:

Hold 1:                                      19,8 x 12,30 x 8,19 m.

Hold 2:                                      28,8 x 12,30 x 8,19 m

Hold 3:                                      28,8 x 12,30 x 8,19 m

Hold 4:                                      19,2 x 12,30 x 8,19 m

Hatch Dimensions:

Hatch 1:                                     22,52  x 13,50 m.

Hatch 2:                                     22,52  x 13,50 m.

Hatch 3:                                     22,52  x 13,50 m.

Hatch 3:                                     22,52  x 13,50 m.

Hold Capacity CBM / SQM 

Hold 1:                          1,878,37 cbm / 243,54 m2

Hold 2:                          3,542,40 cbm / 354,24 m2

Hold 3:                          3,542,40 cbm / 354,24 m2

Hold 4:                          1,934,15 cbm / 236,16 m2


Total:                           10,897,32 cbm / 1,188,18 m2

Container Capacity TEU/FEU:      --------- units.

Holds:                                              ---------

On deck:                                       ---------------


Safe load on hatch covers, t/m2:       Deck cargo not allowed

Safe load on deck of the hold:           5,00 tns.    


     The content of this document is for informational purposes only and is subject to change. Responsibility for the use of any and all information contained in this document is strictly and solely that of the user. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, mechanical, electronic, or otherwise, or by an information storage and retrieval system or transmitted by email, or used in any other fashion without the prior written approval of 2K Shipping and Trading  JSC. Intake is always subject to vessel's stability, trim, permissible weights and is subject to regulations of visibility. Lifting capacity of vessel's cranes are subject to vessel's stability and can depend on cargo/ballast on board. All details are given in good faith and are "about'' and are given without guarantee. They must not be used as basis for charter parties or contracts without company’s explicit written authority.

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