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     2K Shipping & Trading Ltd. has been involved in providing ship repairing services since 1993 and is in a position to demonstrate positive experience in this area of the 2K Group's shipping businesses. The Ship Repair Division of the company has, since formation, established close co-operation agreements with leading shipyards in Tuzla (Izmit Bay of Marmara Sea), namely:

     · Gemak Building Industry and Trading Co. 
     · Torlak Maritime Industry and Trading Co.

these agreements have enabled the 2K Ship Repair Division to provide Ship owners with highly competitive repair terms and best quality services. The first vessels to pass through Gemak's dry-dock in 1995 for class repairs under joint supervision with 2K's Ship Repair Division were the bulk carriers "Donsky", "Dneprodzerzhinsk, "Dedovsk" and "Phoenic Trader" representing a total deadweight of about 44.000 tons. All four vessels were recently attended by Gemak Building Industry and Trading Co. again during the last summer period.

     The continuous, hard efforts of 2K Shipping & Trading Ltd. in the ship repair market have been noticed by many other Ship owners and operators among which was the state-owned Kamchatka Shipping Company. In 1996 2K's Ship Repair Division received an order to arrange repairs to two ships MV 'Sokofl Wind' and MV 'Artem' of dwt 7.500 tons each. Efficient handling and high quality repairs, combined with the timely delivery of both vessels led finally to a General Agency Agreement being signed in 1997 between Kamchatka Shipping Company and 2K Shipping & Trading Ltd. Gemak Building Industry and Trading Co.; shipyard was established in 1969 and since has developed into one of the leading ship repair yards involved in conversion and the construction of new buildings in Turkey.

     The Gemak Shipyard now owns the country's largest floating dock of 28.000 TLC (suitable for approx. 70.000 DWT vessels), in addition to her own manufactured 9.000 TLC dock. The following details are specifications of the Gemak floating docks and these help to demonstrate the Shipyard's annual ship lifting capacity of over 1.500.000 DWT.

     Floating Dock No: 9 Floating Dock No: 28 Lifting capacity: 9,000 tons 28.000 tons Full length: 170.00 m. 233.30 m. Outside width: 32.30 m. 45.00 m. Inside width: 26.30 m. 37.00 m. Height: 12.85m. 16.60m. Draft (floating) (min.): 0.90 m. 1,00 m. Draft (flooded) (max.): 10.70m. 15.60m. Cranes: 2 x 5 ton 2x10 ton Built by GEMAK Shipyard/Turkey MONFALCONE Shipyard / Italy Building year: 1995 1962 Able to dock a vessel of max. 27.000 DWT 70.000 DWT.

     Continuously increasing the steel work capacity the Shipyard's main aim is to shorten the delivery time of new buildings and the repair period for existing vessels. In order to achieve this result Gemak are building pre-outfitted blocks and panels in new construction jobs as well in repair and conversion work. The following facilities are made available to Ship owners through 2K's Ship Repair Division to enable fast, efficient and safe repairs and new building work: 

     · High Pressure Water Jetting up to 1500 bar pressure. 
     · Grid/Sand blasting 3000 m2/per day 
     · Availability of tank coating facilities e.g. dehumidifiers, vacuum removers and dry air supply. 
     · Rudder, propeller and tail shaft examination, maintenance and repairs. 
     · Water jetting, grit blasting, coating and Inspection services are provided in most cases by means of 
       our six hydraulic telescopic platforms. 
     · A wharf to be able to repair up to 160.000 DWT vessels with all kind of servicing capability (Pressure air, steam, fresh water, sludge                 removal, gas freeing, tank cleaning). 
     · CNC controlled plasma cutting machine. 
     · Optical cutting machine (with flame). 
     · MlG Tie gravity welding machine. 
     · Computer aided design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM). 
     · Electrical capacity up to 5000 KVA. 
     · Steel works capacity min. 20 ton per day Using the abilities and participation of 2K's Ship Repair Division, Ship owners will always                   obtain attractive payment terms...


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