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Russian Inland Water Transportation


2K Shipping offers comprehensive cargo delivery solutions utilizing river transport, ensuring optimal transshipment at ports to facilitate seamless transportation mode transitions.


Our services in this field include:


  • Preparation of lashing plans that adhere to Russian classification authority standards for swift approval

  • Chartering vessels with varying deadweight and specifications to accommodate diverse general cargo requirements

  • Coordination of sea transportation using specialized equipment to cater to unique cargo needs

  • Preparation and registration of all requisite documentation, as well as securing approvals from local authorities

  • Door-to-door cargo delivery services, complete with customs clearance assistance

  • Inland Waterways of the Russian Federation


The Russian Federation boasts an extensive network of inland waterways spanning approximately 101,613 km. With the inauguration of the Volga-Don Canal on May 31, 1952, the deep water carrying system now connects six seas:


Black Sea

Azov Sea

Caspian Sea

Baltic Sea

White Sea

Arctic Ocean

The principal channels within this system include the Volga, Kama, Don, and Neva rivers, as well as the Volga-Don and Moscow Canals. Of the total inland waterways, 74,500 km are navigable, with 16,900 km being man-made. Additionally, 6,500 km of the system features a water depth of 360 cm, accommodating vessels with a carrying capacity of up to 5,800 tons.


Approximately 126 ports operate along Russian inland waterways, with the majority having railway access to facilitate the efficient transfer of goods between water, rail, and road transportation. The inland waterway system handles over 200 million tons of cargo per year, reflecting its significance in Russia's trade and logistics landscape.


The Russian inland navigation fleet is diverse, comprising various ship types. Due to the freezing of inland waterways for 3-8 months each year, some river vessels are designed as "sea-river going type" to enable year-round navigation in sea areas. Utilizing these vessels for international trade is appealing for shipping companies, as it ensures profitability and continuous operation throughout the year.


With our extensive knowledge of the Russian inland waterways and river ports, 2K Shipping is your ideal partner for efficient and professional cargo transportation solutions. Trust in our expertise to deliver unmatched service and results that elevate your business to new heights.

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