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What is Fixed Premium Protection & Indemnity Insurance?

           Protection and indemnity (called P & I) insurance protects the vessel owners against their liability for damage to cargo in their care and custody; death or injury to passengers, crew, cargo loaders, and others; damage caused to piers, docks, underwater cables, and bridges; and, more recently, damage caused by pollution.The terms and conditions of the policy can be extended, limited, excluded, modified or changed upon the request of the client.

Risks Covered

  • Damages or compensation for illness, personal injury or death for any person, other than seamen

  • Illness, injury, loss of life and property of seamen

  • Stowaways, refugees or persons rescued at sea

  • Collision with other ships and non contact damage

  • Loss of or damage to property

  • Pollution Risks

  • Towage

  • Wreck Removal

  • Cargo Liabilities

  • General Average

  • Properties of the Assured Vessel

  • Sue and Labor and Legal Costs

  • Fines

  • Enquiry Expenses

  • Different risks such as war, liabilities due to deviation, and liabilities of the assured client, cargo and strike can be added to terms and conditions upon the request of the client.


  • Ÿ Short or long term insurance between 3 months to 1 year 

  • Ÿ Security up to rating A

  • Ÿ Fixed cost, deferred premium payments

  • Ÿ No supplementary or release calls

  • Ÿ No mutuality-each account rated individually

  • Ÿ Advices to prevent damages

  • Ÿ The meetings with the third party that the assured is legally liable to reimburse

  • Ÿ Organizing CLC cards for cargo vessels

  • Ÿ Full cover - to a limit of US$500 million - higher limits can be obtained

  • Ÿ Policy expiry dates to suit individual requirements (not just 20th February)

  • Ÿ One voyage P&I cover, if necessary

  • Ÿ Full service liaison offices plus over 450 experienced correspondents world – wide

  • Ÿ Insurance for one journey only, upon the request of the assured


This is based on your gross charges for the period of insurance, the limit of liability, the type of cargo carried, vessels type and loss record.


The information above is an outline of the cover provided. Full details of the cover with all limitations exclusions and conditions are contained in the policy.

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