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    As a marina operator you may become legally liable for loss or damage to craft in your care and for death or bodily injury. This insurance provides protection against such liability and legal defence costs up to the limit agreed subject to Associated Marine Insurers Marina Operators’ Liability Clauses, a copy of which is available on request.

Risk's Covered

Cover includes liability for

- loss or damage to watercraft in your care, custody or control for repairs, alterations, storage, mooring at slips, spaces and buoys, hauling

  out or launching or for fuelling and miscellaneous services of a transient nature

- including moving of vessels not exceeding 40 kilometres

- third party property

- third party death or personal injury

- car park liability

- premises risks

- tenant’s liability


where such liability occurs in the course of or arises from your marina operations.

Principal Risk's Excluded

Liability for or arising from

• worker’s compensation

• faulty workmanship, material or design

• exceeding the registered capacity of machinery

• surveys, inspections or professional advice

• infidelity or dishonesty of employees

• property held for sale

• property rented out or chartered out by you

• use of licensed vehicles, or unregistered vehicles off premises

• damage discovered more than 60 days after delivery of craft to owners

• pollution

• punitive or exemplary damages.

Optinal Extension of Cover

• Pollution Inclusion endorsement.


This is based on your gross charges for the period of insurance, the limit of liability, the type of craft using the marina, the facilities offered to them and the terms of your contract with clients. A minimum and deposit premium is calculated on your estimated gross charges. This is adjustable on expiry of the policy period on receipt of your certified actual gross charges if these are higher than estimated.


The information above is an outline of the cover provided. Full details of the cover with all limitations exclusions and conditions are contained in the policy.


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