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Marina Operators Liability Insurance

Marina Operators Liability Insurance

"As a marina operator, you may be liable for loss or damage to vessels in your care and for any resulting death or injury.

his insurance provides protection against such liability and legal defence costs up to the limit agreed subject to Associated Marine Insurers Marina Operators’ Liability Clauses, a copy of which is available on request.

Coverage Scope

Marina Operator Insurance covers legal liabilities for loss or damage to watercraft under your care, including during repairs, alterations, storage, mooring, hauling out, launching, fuelling, and other transient services. Coverage extends to moving vessels up to 40 kilometers, encompassing third-party property damage and personal injuries, car park incidents, premises risks, and tenant’s liabilities, all related to marina operations.

Liability Coverage

This insurance includes comprehensive liability protection for third-party claims. It addresses not only direct damages to watercraft but also indirect liabilities, such as injuries in the marina car park or damages occurring on the premises. Tenant-related liabilities are also included, covering incidents associated with activities conducted by marina tenants.


Certain risks are excluded from coverage, such as worker’s compensation, issues due to faulty workmanship, material, or design, and machinery capacity exceedance. It also excludes liabilities from surveys, inspections, professional advice, employee dishonesty, property held for sale or rent, use of vehicles off premises, late-discovered damages, pollution, and punitive damages.

Pollution Exclusion

While standard coverage excludes pollution-related incidents, the policy offers an optional Pollution Inclusion endorsement. This extension provides added protection against environmental liabilities, which can be particularly relevant for marinas due to the potential risk of water contamination.

Premium Calculation

The insurance premium is based on various factors including your gross charges, liability limits, type of craft at the marina, facilities offered, and contractual terms with clients. A preliminary premium is set based on estimated gross charges, with adjustments made at the policy's end based on actual charges.

Policy Details

It is important to note that the information provided here is a summary. The complete details of the coverage, including all limitations, exclusions, and conditions, are detailed in the full policy document. Marina operators are encouraged to review this document for a thorough understanding of their coverage.

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