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The Policy


As charterers you may find yourselves legally liable for property damage or personal injury arising from operating a chartered vessel even though you have little direct control over such operation.

Charterers’ Liability Insurance provides essential protection for the liabilities you may incur and for the costs incurred with our consent to investigate and defend actions brought against you as charterers.

The policy is subject to the internationally accepted London market wordings CL345E for chartered vessels entered in a P&I club for charterers’ risks or CL345NE for vessels not so entered.

Risks Covered


Cover is to indemnify you for losses, costs and expenses you may incur as charterers in respect of liabilities to third parties or to the owners of the chartered vessel.

For vessels not entered in a P & I club for charterers’ risks these liabilities may include damage to the chartered vessel


- damage to third party property

- damage to cargo

- pollution-

- personal injury

- demurrage - when arising out of damage for which the charterer is liable.


For entered vessels cover is essentially against liability for damage to the chartered vessel.


Principal Risks Excluded:


Liability, costs or expenses for

general average contributions or salvage charges (other than for charterers’ freight at risk)

delay, detention or loss of use of the chartered vessel or cargo

other than

contributions attributable to the chartered vessel

demurrage payments under the terms of the charter party

directly arising from an accident to the vessel for which the charterer is liable and which liability is covered by this insurance.

Limit of Liability


This should be sufficient to cover the full value of the chartered vessel plus potentially heavy legal fees and costs.





This is based on the period of the charter, the gross registered tonnage and the type and age of the vessel, the intended voyages, the cargo and the terms of the charter party. Premium is expressed as a dollar amount per gross registered ton of the vessel.

Settling Your Claim


Subject to the policy deductible our experienced claims staff will promptly indemnify you up to the agreed limit for legal liability and costs insured by the policy.





The information above is an outline of the cover provided. Full details of the cover with all limitations exclusions and conditions are contained in the policy.

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