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Cargo Insurance


Cargo Insurance, is a type of policy that insures the loss or damage of the cargo while it is shipped in the sea/air/ground.

The Conditions covered by Cargo Insurance are as follows:

a)    With Average

b)    Free of Particular Average

c)     All Risks

a) With Average

It covers against the total loss caused by the partial or total damage of the cargo due to the partial or total damage of the vessel.


b) Free of Particular Average 

It covers against total loss and partial loss caused by the perils of the sea ( i.e, the vessel has been stranded, sunk, burnt or been in a collision with other vessels or external substances other than water, such as ice.) or covers any damage caused at the time of loading or uploading of the cargo. It also covers General Average Sacrifice rules. ( such as sacrifice of the cargo for the benefit of saving the rest during a storm. )


c) All Risks

The broadest form of coverage. It covers all risks of physical loss or damage from any external causes irrespective of percentage. Institue Cargo Clauses (All Risks).


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