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Aviation Insurance


Aviation Insurance covers the damages or losses that aircraft owners, renters and operators may face.

The Conditions covered by the Aviation Insurance is as follows:

1 -Aircraft – Hull Insurance

Covers the damages that an aircraft may face during its flight or landing time or when it’s on the ground.

2- Aircraft – Coverage for the third party related to the assured client

Covers the damage or loss of other persons, caused by the aircraft or caused by any object falling from the aircraft.

3-Passenger Insurance

Covers the damage or injury or loss of life of the passenegers on the aircraft.

4-Cargo and Shipment Insurance

Covers the liability of the cargo that the assured person carries


5- The Accident Insurance for Passengers or the Crew

Covers the expenses related to accidents causing injuries or loss of life of the passengers or the crew.


6- Insurance for Loss of Licence for the Pilots

Covers the conditions of a pilot’s loss of licence due to reasons like accidents, physical injury or sickness with a limited liablity.

7- Airport Operators Insurance

The Operators Insurance, namely The General Aviation Insurance, insures the operators against the damages, physical injuries, loss of money of the passenger of the aircarfts, the aircrafts and any third party related to the airport, caused by the failure of the operator of the airport.


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